Identity Theft Shield 24 Months license

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dentity Theft Shield is A MUST product for the modern internet user. This software protects your indentity. Buy now a 24 months licens!


Shield – Identity Theft Shield is A MUST product for the modern internet user.
The software is designed to protect you from identity theft attempts by various sources. Identity Theft Shield looks for potential privacy hazards, hides your online tracks and keeps your personal information hidden from hackers.

Identity Theft Shield scans for threats that reside-on, or attempt engaging your browsers, emails, personal profiles and local files on your computer, and alerts upon a new detection. Furthermore, sensitive documents that may reside on your hard-drive will be flagged and reported as potentially risky for you to act upon.

Identity Theft Shield blocks your webcam and microphone from external abuse attempts!

Highlights Shield – Indentity Theft Shield:

  • Protect your indentity.
  • Leave no track behind.
  • Webcam and microfone blocker.
  • Avoid 3party behavoiral tracking.
  • Real-time protection.
  • Personal profile protection.
  • Login credentials removal.
  • Local documents scanner.
  • Browser history management.
  • Scheduled scans & protection.


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